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Popular Zoos to Visit in USA

The zoo has always been an active favorite for children and adults, men and women, and people of all nationalities, races, and cultures. A zoo is a place where people can get to know the world around them. Visitors receive information about the animals in their local area, as well as about the species that may not have the opportunity to see them. Whether you are a fish lover, a giraffe fan or a tigers enthusiast, zoos across the United States are incredible attractions that are important activities in this country using budget rental San Diego airport

Best zoos to visit in the United States

1. Disney Animal Kingdom

Disney’s Animal Kingdom is located in Orlando, Florida, and combines an exciting game with animal shows and pet parks. This place is a different kind of zoo, but it is also one of the most popular destinations for animal lovers around the world. The park is divided into several different sections, each one combining the natural habitats of different species with horseback riding, restaurants and shows. The park’s most popular show is located within the African section of the zoo. Here, visitors can experience a simulated safari through the houses of giraffes, hippos, elephants, tigers and much more. With almost 2,000 different animals and 500 acres of land, Disney Kingdom is one of the most exciting zoos in the United States.

2. Houston Zoo

The Texas Zoo is one of the most visited zoos in North America. The park is famous for its modern facilities and the frequent renovations of animal exhibits. Special tours can be scheduled at the zoo in advance and give families an exciting insight into their animals, special nutrition, animal hospitals, and many animal training sessions. Hermann Park Drive is located in Houston and offers a variety of exhibits. Recently, the zoo has presented an exhibition of dinosaurs and specials that educate visitors about the oceans, deserts, and Africa.

3. San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo in California has been considered the highest zoo in the country for its size and diversity of animals and its commitment to protecting the environment and promoting animal rights. The zoo has become popular due to its willingness to think “out of the box” and the use of many “no-cage” exhibits that allow closer encounters with animals. Gian Panda’s exhibition is an unparalleled attraction for any other panda show in the world. The San Diego Zoo offers guests more than 4,000 different types of animals and almost 900 different species.

4. Colon Zoo

The Columbus Zoo is located in Columbus, Ohio, one of the most historic zoos in the country and has been operating continuously since the 1920s. Jack Hanna has promoted famous animals to the zoo and has fostered their growth over the years. The zoo houses more than 7,000 different animals and has recently accepted expansions to include its park and water park. The Columbus Zoo is also famous for its large aquarium and polar bear.

5. Lion County Safari

Loxahatchee, Florida, is home to a completely different type of zoo. Visitors to Leon County Safari will enter a car that will take them 5 miles away at their own pace. During the flight, guests will see blacks, chimpanzees, zebras, and giraffes. While dangerous animals are confined in cages during the day, many animals can roam freely and sometimes find a comfortable place on the road. Although this may interrupt your trip for a short period, this may be the only opportunity that should be within a few meters of the African giraffe. There are also carnival excursions outside the national park.

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