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Top 5 Food Capitals of the World

Some have rightly said that food and travel go hand in hand. Add to this pleasure of enjoying rental cars 24 hours and the paradise is compete. Yes, it is time to visit the world’s top 5 food capitals and enjoy the cuisine

Top 5 Food Destinations of the Earth

It is certainly not easy to prepare this list. Yet it has to be done. Below are some of the best food locations that this planet can offer:

1.Mendoza, Argentina:

The city of Mendoza certainly offers some of the best wines and ever perfect dishes anyone can dream of. While at Mendoza, be sure to visit the following areas for a great, unforgettable experience in restaurants and wineries

•Bodega Ruca Malen

Here you will enjoy the lunch of a lifetime and take the type of wine that you will remember for eons.

•Andeluna Cellar

•Siere Fuegus.

While here ensure you sample a memorable stay at the Vines Resort and Spa.

2.Manila Philippines:

The famous street food Mecca is found here. This may only be comparable to Thailand in the cuisine table of street-food ranking! Ensure you visit the Principality of El Nido for a complete experience. The principality is found in the wonderful Palawan Island.

3.Paris, France:

This is a veritable foodie paradise. While in Paris , do not fail to grace such locations as the Croissants and the Croque Monsieurs. We don’t need to mention such icons like Paris’ famous Eiffel Tower and the Sacre Coeur. You will enjoy the famed escargot and delicious frog-legs. Of course, a visit to the local Crepe food stands and the many street food markets will be a pleasure. Yes, taste and enjoy the city of Paris in totality. This will be a huge culinary vacation coupled with sight-seeing and a joyous itinerary.

4.Copenhagen, Denmark

Take a pilgrimage to Copenhagen. You will eat delicious meals at the high restaurant of Noma. This one has for decades maintained its pride in world’s top 50 restaurants ranking. You have to visit the Relae which the first all-organic restaurant in the world. Do not fail to grace the trendy Reffen food stalls and food trucks for an amazing experience.

5.London, England:

Our list would definitely be incomplete without mentioning London, which is undoubtedly one of the world’s food capitals. It is not just a city of fish and chips, as some think. London is actually one of the largest food cities one can find. Every kind of imaginable cuisine is available here. What is more, you can find more than 1,000 afternoon tea spots here. Do visit the Box Park and Shore ditch for a complete experience.

Yes, these are the 5 top world food capitals where you will also, no doubt, enjoy rental cars 24 hours, round the clock. Do visit